Work with Me

Work with Me

Would you like to partner with me on a shared project, upcoming event, or program?

Whether you are in the food or travel industry, I am an ideal partner to help promote and strengthen your brand.

I am a former personal chef that loves everything about food and cooking. I enjoy sharing meals with friends and family, teaching my kids to cook, dining on foreign cuisines, and enticing others to gain a more adventurous palate. I am a recipe tester and credited in the cookbook, A Good Home Cookbook. I also enjoy creating my own recipes that others will love or that meet my special diet needs for grain-free living.

I relish traveling near and far to indulge in new and favorite foods and I am never shy to share my thoughts.  I have made travel a priority in my life since I can remember. I am raising my kids to have that same passion and we travel many times a year looking for the next great adventure.  Sharing our travels with readers to encourage more families to spend time together is something I strive for.

There is a variety of ways we can work together.

Recipe Development

I am happy to work with brands for recipe creation and testing. Recipes would only feature products that I love and my readers would find value in.  I find with any recipe I develop myself or get inspired by, I am always thinking about how to bring in more flavor, create a twist, or alter it to fit a certain dietary requirement.

Sponsored Posts – Food & Travel Writing

I look forward to working with companies on sponsored content.  Writing to promote a shared interest in a product or service on my site, through social media, or on your site is something I welcome as long as it will be of interest to my readers and is something I believe in.

Brand Ambassadorships

Long term commitments with brands help foster a trusting partnership and bring more worth to all parties involved. This is what makes this one of my favorite aspects of my job. Whether it is through a series of posts, appearances at events to do cooking demos, or live social media videos while traveling, I am happy to share experiences with my readers.

Product & Service Reviews

I only promote products or services that I have experience with and love.  If something is a good fit for my readers and I consider it a quality product or service, then we may work together on giveaways, reviews, or featured articles.




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How to get in touch:

I look forward to hearing from you and discussing further how we can work together. I can be reached at [email protected]

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