Meet Angela

Meet Angela

Welcome to my blog. I am Angela, the petite mom behind The Short Order Cook, and I am happy you found your way here. I started this blog as a community for families to come together through all things food including, family recipes, kids learning to cook, travel eats, and adventurous palates.  Whether you are a novice or foodie, and no matter your budget, I hope you and your family will feel right at home here.  Please pull up a chair and let’s dig in.

The Short Order Cook Story

In 2005, The Short Order Cook began as a personal chef and recipe testing business in California. I enjoyed cooking for families and helping them eat healthy even with a busy life. During this time, I started a family of my own with my husband. We welcomed micro-preemie boy/girl twins into our family and two years later along came another son. After many successful years behind other people’s stoves, I decided I needed to focus on my own family and my corporate job.  I always knew that I would resurrect the business someday. That time came in 2018, after a 6-year hiatus. The Short Order Cook has made a comeback now as a food blog where I hope to help others gain confidence in the kitchen, try new things and involve family and friends.

Angela The Short Order Cook

All About Me in 8 Food Facts

  • I am a credited recipe tester in, The Good Home Cookbook.
  • During a stint as a recipe tester for a brewery, I was paid in beer.
  • I do not have a sweet tooth but l cannot be trusted with anything salty that’s left unattended.
  • My cocktail of choice is a very dirty vodka martini. (shaken not stirred)
  • I loathe mayonnaise, oysters, and lamb.
  • I cannot get enough cilantro even though my husband hates it.
  • Hollandaise sauce is something I have yet to master, to my husband’s dismay since he loves eggs benedict.
  • My favorite cities to visit and eat in are Rome, San Francisco, New York, and Prague.

All About Me in 8 Life Facts

  • I am born and raised in California (minus a few years as a toddler living in New York).
  • I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in my early 20s and have been honing my grain free, paleo, and keto cooking skills to keep as healthy as possible.
  • My husband and I met at a Raiders game and our love connection was featured in a Sunset Magazine article about my professional chef business highlighting my tips for tailgating (and finding love as a bonus)!
  • My husband was a vegetarian before he met me and he has been making up for all those years without bacon, short ribs, and abalone ever since.
  • My petite stature reaches a towering 4’8″ !
  • My kids have an adventurous palate including escargot, creme brûlée, and sushi.
  • Our terrier mix dog, (princess) Leia, is happy to taste test anything we cook.
  • My favorite number is 8, obviously.

What About You?

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