Food Bloggers Share: How I Picked My Blog’s Name

I love all the fun and personal names that food bloggers have for their blogs. When I see one that fits in with what I am searching for I get excited.  I know you cannot judge a book by its cover or a blog by its name but it is often the first impression you get.

For instance, oftentimes you can figure out what a food blog may be about and if you will want to be a reader simply by the name.  If you want to find the best gluten-free restaurants in Seattle, a blog with a name like WHEATLESS WANDERLUST may be what you are looking for.  But if you want to learn how to bake with your kids, you may try out a site called MY KIDS LICK THE BOWL

Both of those blog names are playful, key in on a fun food niche, and are likely something you will remember. All which is key in picking a name for your blog.  The variety that food blogs offer can be a broad range of anything that is food-related. They are not only a place to go and look for a recipe for anything from alligator meatballs to zoodles marinara.  Some food blogs review restaurants while others may focus on special diets and health. If you want to learn more about how I and other food bloggers picked our names, grab a snack or cocktail, a notepad, and read on.


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Naming The Short Order Cook Blog

When I started my food blog a few years ago, the name I wanted was easy for me to decide on. I had already had a personal chef business years ago that I called, The Short Order Cook.  It was a fun play on words since I do cook a lot of things but also that I am very petite ( I still dream of being 5′ someday – haha).

When I used to show up at someone’s home for the first time to cook for them, it was the same scenario every time.  They would open the door, look at me for about 2 seconds.  Then there it was, as a smile would creep on their face and that recognition in their eyes as they figured it out “SHORT” order cook —-AHA —- and they would welcome me in.  It was honestly a great way to break the ice and start off with a laugh.


Angela The Short Order Cook
A short girl’s gotta do what we gotta do…


So I knew that if I did this, that is what my blog just had to be called. But was that name available for me to use again? I was nervous as I knew that last I checked someone else now owned the domain name I had all those years ago.

Long story short, when my twins were born very premature (each under 2 pounds), I was pretty focused on making sure they get the care they needed. I was with them as much as I could be during the 3-4 months they were in the NICU. During that time my domain had come up for renewal and for obvious reasons, I missed the time to renew. By the time I looked, it was taken.

Fast forward 10 years later, toying with the idea of a blog is now really becoming something I cannot stop thinking about.  Low and behold, was available once again.  So I paid for it that very minute and worked out the rest afterward. I have not looked back ever since and have enjoyed every minute of the new adventures of The Short Order Cook!  Learn more about the family and just how big those micro premies are now  – MEET THE FAMILY. 


My Raider Family!
My Raider Family!


What is in a Name?

It got me thinking as I have come to know more and more amazing people in the blogging world,  how did others decide what to name their food blog? As I got to know them more personally, I would sometimes see that correlation, and other times I would not.  So often I still wonder what connected them to that first impression – the name of their blog.  I found myself visiting their sites often and thinking to myself…

  • What inspired them?
  • Was it something funny?
  • Something personal?
  • Is it niche-specific?
  • Was it easy to decide or take a long time?
  • Did they start with one name and pick another later?
  • Did someone else actually pick the name for them?



Food Bloggers and the Names They Chose



“When I launched my blog in January of 2019 I was cooking two gluten-free meals a week for my son and daughter-in-law, who had a new baby. I didn’t want my blog’s name to limit me to only gluten-free recipes since my son can eat anything. I REALLY wanted to name the blog something catchy like “over the spoon” — but that was taken. One morning my daughter-in-law asked, “What’s for dinner?” and I said, “Oh, I have a meal in mind.” That was it: A Meal In Mind.” – BETH




“Some bloggers choose to make their name catchy or creative, but to me, I prefer to make my food blog name straightforward. My blog name comes from my family name Odeh, and I share delicious international food, which is why I call it The Odehlicious. The simplicity of the name can help the viewer know that the blog is about delicious food without getting confused with the title.” – SAIF


Oh Dehlicious Website





“I chose this name because, although I focus on a range of desserts, my real passion is ice cream. We even gave our wedding guests vouchers to get ice cream while we got our photos taken!. Having lived in the UK for a number of years I was very familiar with the “keep calm and carry on” posters (these were originally produced in the UK in the lead up to world war II to encourage people to keep on going despite the war). For me, cooking and eating desserts is also a great help in getting through everyday life. I think everybody should “Keep calm and eat ice cream”: – SARAH
Keep Calm and Eat Ice Cream's Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream
Keep Calm and Eat Ice Cream’s Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream





“Choosing my blog name “Foodie Home Chef” was really a rather easy task. Some of my friends & family members who I’ve served my recipes to over the years had always referred to me as “their favorite home chef” and since I consider myself a dedicated “foodie” the choice was obvious!” – SIMONE




Foodie Home Chef




“It actually took a while to come up with the name for my blog  The blog was primarily going to be about food recipes using Japanese ingredients. And I wanted the name to be 1) unique, 2) one word, 3) represent what my blog was about and 4) SEO optimized which meant that it consists of common words people search. So, the name is the combination of Japan + pantry, but it’s also Japan + try.  (I had to add “the” because the domain name was going to cost me over $2,500 without it!)”  – AKIKO
The Japantry's Yakisoba - Japanese pan-fried noodles
The Japantry’s Yakisoba – Japanese pan-fried noodles



“So I started blogging because of my love for writing, words, and philosophy. I started out the blog with recipes because I love cooking but also in the backend I have two in-depth articles on science and philosophy. The name NoshitSocrates is a wordplay on the popular phrase ‘No shit Sherlock’, which is used when you point out something obvious. Here, I want to apply that to the world of philosophy and words and writing, and who else knows that world better than Socrates?” – GHANASHYAM
No Shit Socrates' Egg Fried Rice
No Shit Socrates’ Egg Fried Rice

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  • Your project came out great Angela, I really enjoyed reading how you named your blog and also everyone else’s responses! Thanks so much for featuring me here, it’s most appreciated 🙂

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