Disneyland Tropical Hideaway Menu and Review

Tropical Hideaway is a new eatery in Adventureland at Disneyland. It opened in December 2018 and we had our first visit and taste in April 2019. It is a counter based eatery with both sweet and savory global cuisine snacks.  And in true Adventureland fashion, Dole Whips are the star. There is now another place to quench your frosty pineapple Dole Whip craving.  (hopefully, this helps keep the lines by the Tiki Room shorter but I doubt it!)

It is tucked back in the corner between the Tiki Room and the exit of the Jungle Cruise.  This gives it a true hideaway feel along the tranquil banks as the boats motor past. You cross footbridges to enter it which are easily accessible for everyone and strollers. You browse along the different counters to get your snacks. There is also rumor of a secret menu item,  read below to find out what that is.

Tropical Hideaway Snacks

If you are on this side of the park and you want a snack and a quick break, this is a wonderful option.  The variety of food choices is fantastic and will satisfy anyone whether you want something warm versus cold or something salty versus sweet.

Here were some of the snack choices during our visit.  As you walk through the counter service, you start with the Dole Whip Station.  The offerings are:

  • Dole Whips & Floats – Pineapple, Orange, Raspberry
  • Dole Swirls – Pineapple & another flavor swirled together
  • Dole Loaded Whips – Orange Pineapple Swirl with tropical fruits

Wait, what?!?!  Where are the photos of the Dole Whips & Floats?   Well let’s just say the kids were so hungry, did I get a single photo of one – NO!   Crazy but true!   Luckily I did get a few pictures below of the other snacks we did order and enjoy.

I cannot confirm nor deny that the rumor I have heard and have read online a few places, that bacon is a secret menu ingredient.  Yes, candied bacon bits can be topped on a Dole Whip.  Anyone that enjoys a ham and pineapple Hawaiian pizza may like this tropical bacon concoction.  Do not get me wrong, bacon is pork love but smoky meat in my Dole Whip just sounds bizarre to me. If you have heard of this, seen it, or better yet, tried it – please comment below.


disneyland tropical hideaway dole whip menu
Disneyland Tropical Hideaway Dole Whip Menu

Asian Inspired Menu Items

There was also a large cooler bin next to the line that was filled with Chilled Ramen Shakers.  Each looked to be a mix of cold ramen noodles, matchstick veggies like carrots and cucumbers, spicy pecans, plus cilantro and an Asian inspired dressing. I wish I had more time to read the ingredients and see what was in them. However, the kids were pulling on me to get to that Dole Whip line ASAP!

Disneyland Tropical Hideaway Ramen Shaker The Short Order Cook
Disneyland Tropical Hideaway Ramen Shaker


After the Dole Whip counter comes the hot foods.  Here you have a choice of three different bao and a sweet lumpia.  The steamed Chinese buns, bao, come in either Bulgogi Beef, Spicy Vegetable, or Lime Chicken.

We got a Bulgogi Beef Bao. It had the perfect ratio of steamed sweet dough to spicy beef filling. The meat was tender and the bun was soft and fluffy.  It included bits of carrots and potatoes that were perfectly cooked with the Korean barbecue beef.  This is comfort food in my opinion and was warm even after getting to the table and taking the time to snap a few pictures. I would get this again for sure and maybe try the vegetable one next time too.

Before the check out at the register, there are also bins of chilled bottled waters and sodas. Plus some shelves of chips plus fresh fruits like mango and, of course, pineapple spears.


disneyland tropical hideaway bao The Short Order Cook
Bulgogi Beef Bao @ Disneyland Tropical Hideaway


Bulgogi Beef Bao Tropical Hideaway Disneyland
Bulgogi Beef Bao


Last but not least was a sweet treat. The Sweet Lumpia is a deep-fried egg roll like dessert.  The flaky pastry is wrapped around a sweet cream cheese filling, deep fried, and then dusted with sugar. Dipping the crispy dessert into the tangy pineapple sauce set it over the top. ( I could drink the sauce if someone let me). Enzo who likes churros found this to be his favorite out of all the items we shared.  It was hard to get him to share this.

Sweet Lumpia with Pineapple Dipping Sauce @ Disneyland Tropical Hideaway The Short Order Cook
Sweet Lumpia with Pineapple Dipping Sauce @ Disneyland Tropical Hideaway


disneyland tropical hideaway sweet lumpia The Short Order Cook
Enzo enjoying the Sweet Lumpia, filled with sweet cream cheese and a pineapple sauce


disneyland tropical hideaway snacks The Short Order Cook
Sweet & Savory Snacks from Disneyland Tropical Hideaway

Relaxing Along the Jungle Cruise River

We were there on an abnormally cool day for Spring in Southern California so we wanted to get some Sun and sat along the water where there is no shade cover.  There are plenty of tables under the awnings to offer shade when it is hot and you want to cool off with a Dole Whip.

The tiki torches and overhead lanterns are true to Disney and the level of detail they bring with everything they do.  The sounds of the Jungle Cruise boat captains telling their final jokes of the tour as they go by just makes this whole experience for me.  I like to play the “if you worked at Disneyland, what job would you want to do?” game with people when we are there. My answer has never changed after all these years – Jungle Cruise Boat Captain – no doubt.  Yep, I would love to say the cheesy sarcastic jokes all day long over and over.

Overall, this will be a snack stop we hit regularly when we visit Disneyland.  It is near the Bengal Barbecue eatery which is one of my favorites.  I think next time I will get a Pork Belly Skewer at the Bengal Barbecue and walk over to get a Pineapple Dole Whip and dip the skewer in that – no no no – I am kidding!  Both are delicious but not together! Don’t pork by pineapple!

Jungle Cruise river view and Rosita, the singing bird @ Disneyland Tropical Hideaway The Short Order Cook
Jungle Cruise river view @ Disneyland Tropical Hideaway



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