Tahoe Treetop Adventures in Tahoe City

Zip lines, wobbly hanging obstacles, and daredevil balance beams make for a great family-friendly day of adventure at Treetop Adventures in Tahoe City.  There is no better way to spend a wild, interactive, and dirty good time in the Lake Tahoe area. This family had loads of fun and wants to share our experience so other families can have memories that will last a long time.

All ages are welcome to participate or at least watch which is great for the whole family.  This place even allows those as young as 5 years old to participate which is a rare thing to find – small kids rejoice!  Grandparents or others that do not want to take a chance on the cables or swing like Tarzan, are welcome on the property to watch – for NO FEE!  Another reason to love this place.

This review includes the following, keep reading to find out:

  • How to Prepare for Your Treetop Adventures Visit

  • Tahoe City Location Offers

  • All About the Courses

  • Treetop Adventure Courses We Enjoyed

  • Our Recommendations


Tahoe Treetop Adventures – easy course


How to Prepare for Your Treetop Adventures Visit:

  • Must wear closed-toes shoes.
  • Layers are encouraged since weather can change and you can get a workout.
  • Operates even in rain or snow – so no refunds.
  • Bring a water bottle. You can refill at the large jug in the middle of the course.
  • One bathroom near the site but it is down the hill and not very close.
  • Arrive 15 minutes early to ensure you register and are ready to go.
  • Go at your own pace, try whatever course you want. This includes doing some several times or skipping any you may not have the nerve to do (no black diamonds for me thank you very much!)
  • No picnic grounds. If you bring a snack, pack it in and pack it out.
  • No pets allowed.
Tahoe Treetop Adventures
Youth Harness Area – Petite Moms Welcome!!!


Tahoe City Location Offers:

  • Good for ages 5+ and those up to 260 lbs.
  • Price includes 2.5 hours of fun
  • Helmets and safety harnesses are included (can wear your own bike or climbing helmet)
  • Once you start a course, you cannot “escape/quit”. You must finish as there is only one way to clip on at the start and off at the end – for safety reasons.  (I do admit there was a moment where I wished I could escape near the end of Twins! – find out more below)
  • Seated viewing area under the courses and several trails for everyone to enjoy, even those not participating (NO FEE TO JUST COME AND WATCH!)
Tahoe Treetop Adventures
Seating area @ Treetop Adventures Tahoe

All About the Courses:

  • 10 one of a kind courses; 2 beginner (green), 6 intermediate(blue), 2 advanced(black diamond)*
  • *Minimum 49” height requirement to do the Black Diamond courses
  • 97 Tree Platforms
  • 27 Zip Lines – the longest at 300’ in length
  • 60 Unique Obstacles
Tahoe Treetop Adventures
The twins loving the name of this course


Tahoe Treetop Adventures Tahoe City
Course Markers


Treetop Adventure Courses We Enjoyed:

Snowboard (intermediate) – lots of fun obstacles on this course. A few were surprising and I was glad Enzo was ahead of me. He would step on something and then I would be able to plan ahead while he was like “UH WHAT!”  So Fun! Next, there is a large cargo net that you cross that made me feel like Spiderman. The Snowboard that you “ride” across the sky is almost magic carpet-like and my favorite by far! 

Rainbow (intermediate) – This one we did twice. It is a short course near the start and has many zip lines. It is fun to do quickly as you can do a few obstacles and mostly enjoy sailing through the sky. When you are tired near the end and working your way back to turn in your gear, this is a good last hoorah in the final 10 minutes or so.

Rings (difficult) – Neither parent tried this black diamond course. The kids were not letting this one pass by and they all braved it.  It took a while to get through the course and had some difficult moments.  Enzo had a great crowd of about 2 dozen folks cheering him on during one difficult area. Finally, as he conquered it, they all erupted in cheers and claps. It was awesome (he was embarrassed but I actually teared up at how well he did and how amazing people are!).

Chimes (difficult) – The other black diamond but this one Ian did go on.  Yes, if you are counting that means this mom did NOT go on either black diamond course. No regrets and not ashamed. I wanted to have fun and not be tired and frustrated.  Glad I did not do it as Ian was “spent” after it. Meanwhile, Miley rocked it and loved it.  The large hanging wooden “chimes” stepping obstacle was crazy high. This took Ian a long time to cross and he tired himself out on this obstacle.  Thankfully the fun zip lines that brought them back down to Earth was worth the work.

Twins (intermediate) –  The course has a very long wobbly plank bridge that goes between two trees and a long cargo net to walk through. My gear buckles kept getting caught on this and made me real slow – sorry to those lined up waiting behind me.  Next was a single wire with a few hanging cross-wires for holding at one point had me stumped and freaked out. This is the one place I really wished you could just quit in the middle of a course. The kids just sailed through it all quickly of course.  Landon did get some scrapes on this one. I got huge bruises from the bridge planks.  The plank bridge also drew some blood on Ian’s leg. Nothing scary but we earned our injuries.

We also started off with the two easy courses near the start of the trails. These went quickly and were a great way to get the kids ready for action.  We were not sure how one of the kids would take to the heights and wobbles so this was a good tester. They fell in love immediately and we could no longer keep up with their excitement!


Tahoe Treetop Adventures
Miley working Rings (Black Diamond!)


Tahoe Treetop Adventure - Chimes
Chimes – large wood stepping obstacle  (the cargo net is part of Snowboard next to it)


Tahoe Treetop Adventures
Ian Riding the Rainbow

Our Recommendations:

  • Make a reservation and go early in the day – fewer people will be on the courses.
  • Start off with a beginner course if you have never been here before.
  • DO NOT attempt a Black Diamond course at the beginning or the end.  You will get a workout and if you do a Black Diamond near the end you may not have the muscle to continue. (we did see a few folks get stuck for quite a bit on one)
  • Stay away from a group or lots of others. One person per zipline or obstacle.  If you are right behind someone, you need to let them finish before you can proceed on everything. This will slow you down and waste your precious 2.5 hours.
  • Take turns taking photos and videos of one another, great memories.
  • Make sure at least a few of you have good pockets, preferably with zippers. This way you have a safe place for your car keys, camera, phone, etc.
Tahoe Treetop Adventures
Black Diamond Warning @ Tahoe Treetop Adventures – Tahoe City





tahoe treetop adventure


Staff is very helpful and seems to really enjoy working with everyone.  In addition, they are there not only to get you geared up and teach you how to go about your time they but they are also there in case you get stuck. Staff can help get you back through a zip line or talk you through an obstacle that may be difficult.

Overall, we highly recommend Tahoe Treetop Adventure.  We went to the Tahoe City location and just loved it. This is a great day trip from anywhere around the Lake Tahoe / Truckee area.  Lastly, the entire family will love this whether you are a participant or a spectator. I can see how this would be also good for team building for companies.

Make a reservation, clip on a helmet, harness up, and have FUN!

Find out more at their website:   https://www.tahoetreetop.com

And after a day of fun, you are sure to be hungry.  If you are heading to the South Lake Tahoe area, we recommend a great family- friendly pub with comfort food and great drinks.  Head over to MacDuff’s Public House after reading my review here – https://theshortordercook.com/macduffs-public-house-lake-tahoes-best-pub/

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