MacDuff’s Public House – Lake Tahoe’s Best Pub

MacDuff’s Public House is a Scottish Pub in every way it can be, outside of actual Scotland.  It is in a cute rustic looking house in South Lake Tahoe and serves great drinks, amazing comfort food, and is always laid back and welcoming. This is my sort of place and why over the last decade, I have been eating here every time I am in town.

There is a great patio outside that has a view of Lake Tahoe.  This is ideal in the mild summer months. In the winter dining inside in cozy booths or tables while watching sports on one of the many TVs is also inviting. (I have been here once during the Winter Olympics and it was a great time).  Either way, you cannot go wrong and everyone is friendly and the service is comfortable and attentive. No one is felt rushed and you are welcome to nurse a pint and hang out any time.

MacDuff's Public House patio
Lake Tahoe view from the patio

Kids at a Pub?  Yes!  Here is why…

The beauty of this place is that they absolutely cater to kids.  They offer pretty much everything as a child’s size portion.  That alone is exciting for the parents and the kids alike.  For families where some kids want the same old hamburger or chicken strips but also has kids that may want fish and chips or truffled mac and cheese, MacDuff’s has it all.

Oh, and did I mention that almost anything comes with fries.  Now, what kid is going to turn their nose up at these options?    The menu includes typical pub fare such as burgers, pizzas, fish and chips, corned beef and cabbage, shepherd’s pie, and many appetizers.  A big plus is there are many gluten-free items and vegetarian options to help anyone find something they love.

We Ordered the Following:

MacDuff's Pubic House Lake Tahoe
Amazing food at MacDuff’s


Cottage Pie – ground beef in gravy along with carrots, peas, celery, and onion. It is topped with a cheesy mashed potato crust and then baked golden brown.  The gravy is silky while the meat is tender. The vegetables are not overdone which is lovely to have them still hold up well. The crust is creamy, cheesy, and a little bit crisp on top.  It smells amazing as soon as it arrives, but be patient.  This is piping hot so dig your spoon in and make a hole or two so that the heat can escape.  Enjoy a few more sips of your pint of beer, or in my case a lovely dirty vodka martini.  It will be worth the wait.

Cottage Pie at MacDuff's
Cottage Pie


Wild Mushroom Wood-Fired Pizza – the pizza oven out back bakes some amazing pies.  This is what first drew us to the pub and we have been coming back every time we are in town ever since.  We love a blistered pizza where the dough bubbles up and a few edges are charred. That equals flavor!  This pizza has a white sauce, mushrooms, mild scallions, and a drizzle of white truffle oil.  The truffle essence as it arrives at the table seems to activate the hunger pains into overdrive.  Like the cottage pie, let this rest a moment for the cheese to cool and then dig in. If you are lucky, you will have charred bits on every wonderful slice.


Wild Mushroom Pizza at MacDuff's
Wild Mushroom Pizza

Mac & Cheese – Kids size – white cheddar sauce with cavatappi pasta. This is a kids version of the main Truffled Mac & Cheese on the menu which also includes truffle oil and toasted graham cracker crumbs. The kids can get the fancy version too, but our boys decided on the more toned-down version.  Do not make the mistake and think this is a boring version of the same ole kid’s mac and cheese. It is not.  This mac and cheese would satisfy any adult with the al dente pasta covered in the perfect creamy white cheddar sauce.  Yes, I snagged a few bites from Enzo’s plate.


Kids Mac & Cheese Lake Tahoe MacDuff's
Kids Mac & Cheese


Fish & Chips – Kids Size – a smaller portion of the entree. Well, at least they say it is a smaller size. I would like to order this any day of the week and probably would not be able to finish it myself.  The fish is moist and the batter flakey just as it should be.  The fries at MacDuff’s freshly cut potatoes. They are seasoned and cooked to fluffy yet crisp perfection. It is served with lemon wedges and tartar sauce. Miley was excited to see how much she got.  Mind you she only put a dent in it.

Fish & Chips - kids size MacDuff's
Fish & Chips – kids size

Do Not Forget the Drinks

At a pub, drinks are a must.  They have a full bar upstairs and in the summer months a nice patio bar as well.  I often have a Guinness with my food when I am here. However, on this last visit, I was there on National Martini Day!  Well, if you know anything about me, a dirty vodka martini is my favorite drink. So there was absolutely no way I was going to let this day slip by without celebrating properly. I enjoyed my martini and Ian had a few pints of beer with his meal.

Dirty Vodka Martini
Dirty Vodka Martini



MacDuffs Public House South Lake Tahoe
MacDuff’s Public House PIN


MacDuff’s Public House Information

MacDuff’s is in South Lake Tahoe on the California side. It is on a side street, Fremont Ave, off the main Lake Tahoe Blvd.  It is a few miles from Stateline.  There is a bowling alley across the way to make it an extra fun night.

Menu Main Entree Price Range: $13-$30  ** summer 2019

Menu highlights:  Wood-fired pizzas, fish & chips, shepherd’s pie, burgers and beer

Gluten-Free and Vegetarian options

Great Kids menu

Full bar, Patio, & TVs

For the latest hours, menu, and prices – The website is:


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