8 Important Things to Know About Medieval Times

Medieval Times is a family-friendly dining and entertainment experience like no other.   The noble guests of the Queen partake in a plentiful feast and cheer on the games.  The dinner theater has been entertaining all ages with medieval-style games, sword-fighting, falconry, and jousting for many years.  Maybe not all the way back to 476 AD but you get the picture.   (the first location in Orlando actually opened in 1983)

The giant castle that marks where the fun happens is likely standing tall from far away and my guess is most small kids beg their parents to go when they see it.  We do not live near any of their 10 locations but one is not far from Disneyland.  So during our last trip to see Mickey Mouse, we decided to drive up to Buena Park, just 10  minutes from Disneyland, to add in the extra fun for the first time.


Medieval Times Grand Hall

Here are 8 Things to Know before you Go:


1 – It is first-come, first-served seating –

Seating for Medieval Times is first-come, first-served so you want to get there early if you wish to sit closer to the arena floor.  The castle opens 75 minutes before showtime at all locations per their website, so arrive early.  The earlier you arrive, the closer to the arena floor and all the action you’ll be. But every seat in the arena is fantastic (with the exception of the few seats to the side/behind the Queen’s booth). We got there about 90 minutes before, parked, and got in line. After only about 5 minutes in line, we checked in. FYI, all seating is assigned to a section/row when you check in.  Therefore, after you check-in enjoy your time checking out the castle, and no need to get into another line near the arena doors.

2 – You will be assigned a Knight

There are sections to the arena and you will be assigned a colored section. The color you are assigned will match the crown you are given. There are 6 Knights that will battle to impress the Queen.  They will be introduced once the show in the arena starts and you better be ready to CHEERS!  We were TEAM GREEN!  We were ready to scream our heads off for our Green Knight and wave our flags!


Medieval Times crowns
We are Team Green and have our crowns


3 – Before the show, enjoy the Grand Hall

There is a lot to do before the show even begins so do not fret that you will be there too early.  There is a full bar – making parents very happy.  You get to keep the cup, which my kids use all the time at home now, and have a souvenir.  The drink menu at Medieval Times is pretty extensive for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.  They offer Pepsi products, water, coffee, tea, and juices at the bar and in the main arena.  The full-serve bar menu at Medieval Times includes a bunch of great adult frozen drinks like the Royal Knight (vodka, rum, and fruit juices) and the Dragon Slayer (Malibu Rum & Mango) plus your standards like margaritas, Pina Coladas, and more.   There is also plenty of beer and wine options.

In the Grand Hall is also a sword shop (keep the kids away and any adults after hitting the bar- haha).  There are also entertainers doing tricks and jester shows.  Do not miss the gift shop and seeing the horses in their stalls.   I did not get any pictures of the horses as a worker told me no pictures but I saw everyone sneaking, so my bad for “following the rules”.  But it will just be more reason for you to go and check it out yourself.  The souvenir shop was a hit with the kids and we got the flags for the color of the knight we were going to cheer on for the knight. There are



Medieval Times drinks
Keep the cup


4 – There is a filling meal plus a vegetarian option

There is plenty to eat and kids get the same portion as adults so be prepared for a big meal for them. Everyone gets one of two meal options, regular or vegetarian menu; therefore, there is no kids meal at Medieval Times and the jousting show.  No need to smuggle in secret snacks like at a movie theater – how up hungry. The regular Bill of Fare includes so much food and dessert.  Our dessert was lemon pound cake when we attended. It is hard to get photos inside the arena especially when you in a green glow most of the time while representing your Green Knight!

The menu at Medieval Times includes a large meal of tomato bisque, garlic toast, two pieces of roasted chicken, corn on the cob, 1/2 of roasted russet potato, beverages, and dessert of the castle.

There is a vegetarian meal option on Medieval Times’ menu too- hummus, veggies and pita, 3-bean stew, fruit, and dessert.

Medieval Times Menu
Medieval Times Menu


Medieval Times Dinner
Medieval Times Dinner


Serving Wench with a LOONG pour for your drink!


5 – There are NO utensils

Yep, you read that right.  When in Medieval Times, do as the medieval folks did.  Eat with your hands! I am pretty sure this is the favorite part of dinner for a lot of kids, including my eldest, Enzo.  For the parents, knowing the food is actually pretty good helps too.  Let them get messy, wet wipes are included.

Medieval Times Dinner
Use your hands – dig in


Medieval Times Dinner & Show
Medieval Times Dinner & Show – get messy

6 – Beware for small kids, there are loud noises and lots of flashing lights

Many kids may be scared of this so just be warned and know how your kids may be in this situation. If they are fine plugging their ears, snuggling on your lap, or closing their eyes when they need to, then they will do just fine. If they will likely cry or want to leave the arena, wait until they are little more ready and attend later if you are able to (live locally or next trip to the area etc).

Fun at Medieval Times
Loud noises at times but still wants to watch every second

7 – The show is about 2 hours including real swords and beautiful horses

How long is the jousting show at the Medieval Times dinner theater?  The show begins with introductions of the Knights on horseback. The Queen also comes out to speak to her people and tell the story that is about to begin and result in games, falconry, jousting, and sword fighting.  It does start out slow according to the little ones but once all the food was served and the competition begins, it was all eyes on the show and the kids forgot there was dinner.  Nets do go up before the more intense part of the show begins. This is for your safety and does not make your view hindered in any way.

Medieval Times
Medieval Times Knights


Jousting Fun at Medieval Times
Jousting Fun


 Fun at Medieval Times
Fight to the death (sort of)


8 – Participate at all times

There is a lot of interaction throughout the entire experience.  Make sure you cheer for your Knight.  Wave to the Queen.  Chat up your serving wench.  Get into the role and have a lot of fun! Miley was lucky enough to bat her eyelashes at the Green Knight a lot and she was rewarded with a rose thrown her way.   Daddy is pretty sure she is too young to date even by Medieval Times standards.  So, for now, that rose is all she has to remember her sweet Green Knight!

Fun at Medieval Times
Lucky to catch a rose from a handsome Knight



Medieval Times Website, Tickets, & Pricing

Wondering how much is Medieval Times?  For the latest showtimes, ticket prices, reservations, party bookings, and any military discount information for Medieval Times, check out all the current information.


What are the Medieval Times locations?

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Buena Park, CA  (not Anaheim as many people think)
  • Chicago, IL
  • Dallas, TX
  • Lyndhurst, NJ
  • Myrtle Beach, SC
  • Orlando, FL
  • Scottsdale, AZ
  • Toronto, ON




Medieval Times PIN


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