Foods That Start With F


For the ultimate list of foods that start with F, check out the lists I have compiled here. There are some foods on this list you will recognize but also some you may have never heard of before. But they are all foods or drinks starting with the letter “F”. After reviewing this list you will learn more about all sorts of yummy things. So the next time someone asks you what are some foods beginning with “F”, you will be able to list off many with no problem. (could come in handy for school projects and kid games)

I always think of school days when “F” was for fish. Yet, there are so many F foods to list. This post could never include them all but I have broken them down into several categories for you to find just what you are looking for. Continue reading to find out about common, unique, fruits, vegetables, and drinks, where all the foods begin with the letter “F”. By the time you finish reading this list, you will know all about so many foods that start with a. How many have you tried, and do you have a favorite?



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Recipes That Start With F



Fresh Strawberry Mousse Parfait
Fresh strawberry mousse is an easy parfait dessert. It’s light and healthy with mounds of yummy berry whipped cream and puree layer making for a great no-bake recipe. 
Check out this recipe
Fresh Strawberry Mousse Parfaits featured portrait on table


Furikake Snack Mix
The perfect sweet, savory, salty, and crunchy snack mix. The umami flavors of the furikake seasoning make this way better than your ordinary party or Chex mix.
Check out this recipe
Furikake Snack Mix


French Potato Salad
Tender potatoes in a Champagne dijon vinaigrette with fresh herbs is bright, tangy, and crowd-pleasing.
Check out this recipe
French Potato Salad


Frozen Peanut Butter Cup Pie
Easy peanut butter and chocolate pie heaven that doesn't require turning on the oven - perfect for summer.
Check out this recipe
Frozen Peanut Butter Cup Pie The Short Order Cook


Rice and Fava Bean Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette
The best spring salad of rice and fresh fava beans. It is tossed with lemon vinaigrette & topped with scallions and lemon zest for a bright pop of flavor.
Check out this recipe
Rice and Fava Beans Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette


Grilled Cheese with Figs and Hot Honey
Grilled cheese with sharp cheddar, fresh sweet figs, and spicy hot honey is an easy gourmet recipe. A perfect combo of sweet and spicy between toasted sourdough. 
Check out this recipe
Grilled Cheese with Figs and Hot Honey feature



Common Foods That Start With F

  • Farina – the term for milled wheat.
  • Fettuccini – a ribbon noodle that is flat and medium-width which is popular in Roman and Tuscan cooking.
  • Filberts – more commonly known as hazelnuts in America, a type of tree nut most recognized as an ingredient in a popular chocolate hazelnut spread called Nutella.
  • Flank steak – a lean and often tough cut of beef that is best marinaded, cooked medium-rare, and cut against the grain to enjoy.
  • Flax seeds – seeds cultivated from flowers that are high in fiber.
  • Flounder – a common term for flatfish species such as halibut.
  • Flour – the powder that results from finely grinding up grains, nuts, or other ingredients.
  • Fondue – a Swiss melted cheese dish that includes options like bread, fruit, and vegetables that are attached to long forks and dipped into the cheese (chocolate dessert versions with fruit, cookies, and cakes also is popular)
  • French fries – deep-fried potatoes, also referred to as chips.
  • Fudge – a sweet confection typically made with chocolate, sugar, butter, and milk that is heated slowly together, chilled, and cut into small pieces.



Unique Foods That Start With F

  • Falafel – a Middle Eastern fried ball-shaped fritter usually made from chickpeas or fava beans combined with spices.
  • Fiddleheads – the tender spiral parts of an edible type of fern which has a grassy flavor.
  • Fingerling potaoes – a small stubby thin-skinned potato that is shaped like a finger.
  • Fish sauce – a popular condiment in many Asian countries that derives from fermented and salted fish.
  • Focaccia – similar to a pizza crust it is an Italian flatbread.
  • Frog legs – the edible legs of certain frog species that are cooked in many different ways from stews, breaded & fried, or slow-braised.
  • Furikake – a condiment that is a mixture of sesame seeds, chopped seaweed, salt, sugar, and sometimes other items.
  • Fugu blowfishin Japanese, bogeo (복어) or bok (복) in Korean, and hétún (河豚; 河魨) in Standard Modern Chinese is a pufferfish that needs careful preparation to ensure it is not poisonous. (23 people have died in Japan since 2000 from eating it often trying to prepare it on their own).



Fruits & Vegetables That Start With F

  • Fava beans – also called broad beans and similar to lima beans but with a different taste and the inner beans are the edible parts, not the outer pod- How To Shell, Cook &  Peel Favas. 
  • Fennel – a bulb perennial herb that is in the carrot family but grows above ground and has a sweet licorice flavor when eaten raw or cooked.
  • Flat beans – Italian beans also called “Romano” beans where the pods and internal beans are both edible.
  • Figs – are the flowers of the fig trees that when mature turn into the fruit we know as fig and there are many varieties grown in many regions of the world.
  • Frisee – curly endive, not lettuce, which is a leafy green from the chicory family.
  • Fuji apple – an apple originally developed in Japan and has a crisp and slightly sweet but a bit tart flavor with skin that is several beautiful shades of red, pink, and yellowish-green.
  • Fungi – the group of spore-producing organisms and in this case those that are edible like mushrooms, yeast, truffles, etc.
  • Fuyu persimmon – the edible fruit of the persimmon tree which looks like a mini pumpkin and is crisp and edible raw like an apple.



Drinks that Start With F

  • Fanta – brand of carbonated soda that is fruit-flavored like orange, pineapple, and more.
  • Ferrari – a cocktail made with equal parts of Fernet Branca and Campari.
  • Flaming Dr Pepper – a flaming cocktail that once mixed tastes like Dr. Pepper but is made up of beer, amaretto, and rum.
  • Frosty – a frozen blended beverage usually with ice cream or ice milk and flavored with a variety of ingredients – a signature beverage at Wendy’s fast-food chain.
  • Frozen daiquiri – a group of frozen cocktails made with blended ice, rum, simple syrup, and usually fruit flavors.
  • Fruit juice – reference for any juice extracted from fruits.
  • Fruit punch – a term used for a wide variety of fruit juice blends typically a combination of 3 or more juices and can be in either non-alcoholic or alcoholic form.
  • Fuzzy navel – a fruity cocktail made from peach schnapps and orange juice – also may include other fruit garnishes and juices.








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Foods That Start With F PIN

Foods That Start With F

For the ultimate list of foods that start with F, check out the lists I have compiled here.  It includes recipes, foods, drinks, and more that all begin with the letter "F".
Prep Time 0 mins
Servings 4


Try any food or recipe, just a sample shared below but full details above

  • French Fries
  • Fanta
  • French Bread
  • Figs
  • Flank Steak
  • Filberts
  • Fudge
  • Fuji Apple
  • Fuzzy Navel


  • Try any food or drink from the list above.
  • Make any recipe as shared here that begins with the letter D.
  • Learn to love something new while trying.


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