Dry Ice Cocktails

For a fun and festive Halloween, make one or more of these dry ice cocktails.  These dry ice drink recipes are all perfect for a party where you want a creepy or spooky vibe.  The smoke that rises from these alcoholic beverages sets them over the top and really makes them a showstopper.  

Halloween cocktail or costume parties are so much more fun with a few special cocktail recipes.  There is nothing more festive and eery than a cocktail that has a special effect like the smokey excitement you get with using dry ice.  Any Halloween gathering or event would be perfect with these cocktails with dry ice as a special effect.  


Dry Ice Cocktails PN1 4 images of cocktails including midori green two that are ruby red and a black potion all with dry ice smoking on our around them



Dry Ice Safety & Handling Procedures

BE CAREFUL when handling and using dry ice with any food, drink, or project you are doing.  Follow the guidelines and information carefully in the recipe ideas shared here.  Once you do and make any of these recipes, make sure you have your camera ready to take some amazing photos of these amazing Halloween alcoholic drinks.   For more information on the proper handling of dry ice check out DRY ICE SAFETY INFORMATION. 


Dry Ice Cocktail Recipe Ideas

Dry ice cocktail recipes shared here include so many different alcohol choices including rum, gin, tequila, and even Midori.  Any can be a cocktail or even make them in a big batch such as the Witch’s Brew Drink or Cauldron Cocktail in a big punch bowl.  That would look amazing with dry ice spilling over it for an eery effect. There is also a non-alcoholic mocktail Halloween punch that is great for all ages. 


Blackberry Sage Margarita
The gorgeous deep red margarita is a Halloween delight. The dry ice or a smoking sage leaf adds dramatic and spooky effects to this tequila drink.
Check out this recipe
Dry Ice Cocktails Smoking-Blackberry-Sage-Margarita-3 wickedspatula a short glass with the dark blackberry cocktail and dry ice smoking around it


Witch's Brew
A fun and tasty Halloween cocktail treat that glistens and smokes. The luster dust and dry ice create a gorgeous yet spooky look to this rum and peppermint drink.
Check out this recipe
Dry Ice Cocktails Witches-Brew-Recipe-3 atablefullofjoy


Bloody Eyeball Halloween Punch
Spooky wow with this creepy good Halloween drink. This Bloody Eyeball Halloween Punch is easy to make and only takes a few ingredients...but will be the drink everyone remembers at your next party. It is a mocktail so everyone will want to sip this tricky treat.
Check out this recipe
Dry Ice Cocktails BloodyEyeballPunch7 celebrationgeneration a large bowl with dry ice smoking and a ladle with punch and fake eyeballs


Ginger Bramble
Gin, ginger, and blackberries come together for this amazing cocktail. The dry ice creates a Halloween eeriness perfect for any spooky party.
Check out this recipe
Dry Ice Cocktails ginger-bramble-cocktail thespicetrain


Halloween Magical Cocktail
This Midori cocktail is vibrant and festive. This delicious Halloween drink is even more impressive with a fun dry ice swirl of spookiness.
Check out this recipe
Dry Ice Cocktails TIKKIDO-witches-brew-cocktail-2 tikkido a tall glass filled with green cocktail and dry ice smoking and swirling


Cauldron Cocktail
This rum cocktail is a dark and spooky Halloween drink. This black festive cocktail looks creepy and evil but tastes like a treat more than a trick.
Check out this recipe
Dry Ice Cocktails Halloween-Drink-Cauldron-Cocktail-7 atablefullofjoy



Dry Ice Halloween Cake

FOR A BONUS RECIPE – A SMOKING FUN VOLCANO CAKE!  How fun and exciting is this amazing volcano cake recipe that billows smoke.  It will be a wonderful dessert and table centerpiece for any party, especially a Halloween party with other dry ice recipes. 


Smoking Volcano Cake
If you want an amazing dessert or centerpiece for your Halloween cocktail table - this smoking volcano cake will do the trick. This amazing treat is unbelievably delicious and fun.
Check out this recipe
Dry Ice Cocktails smoking volcano cake boulderlocavore


Other Halloween Cocktail Recipes

These cocktails do not contain a dry ice feature, but they are fantastic for Halloween. When having a party, it is great to offer a few special cocktails that fit with the theme.  These two drinks are easy and perfect for a Halloween cocktail or costume party.   They are both sweet and the perfect treat for adults. 


Candy Corn Martini
Sweet vodka cocktail that looks like just candy corn and is the ideal Halloween adult treat!
Check out this recipe
Candy Corn Martini two glasses


Tootsie Roll Shots
The Tootsie Roll shot is a sweet rum cocktail recipe that tastes just like the iconic candy.
Check out this recipe
Tootsie Roll Shots










Dry Ice Cocktails PIN with 4 recipe images of black potion, red martini, green martini and a red cocktail all with dry ice smoking on them



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Dry Ice Cocktails PN1 4 images of cocktails including midori green two that are ruby red and a black potion all with dry ice smoking on our around them

Dry Ice Cocktails

The best dry ice cocktail recipe ideas are shared here. These drinks will be great for a creepy fun Halloween party. The dry ice effects are a special party trick for a spooky theme.
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Prep Time 0 mins
Course Drinks
Servings 4


Try one or more of the recipe ideas shared here:

  • Witch's Brew
  • Blackberry Margarita
  • Halloween Magical Cocktail
  • Cauldron Cocktail
  • Bloody Eyeball Haloween Punch (mocktail)
  • Ginger Bramble


  • Make one or more of the dry ice cocktails
  • Be careful when working with dry ice - see above for safety information
  • Enjoy
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